About Us

       We cater the needs of the previous generation and new generation too through our online classifieds so that the people living in a particular city or a distant place anywhere within India could meet and trade in buying, selling etc. Distance and the place does not matter so long as their needs in buying, selling etc are genuine. Members could let out their flats, houses on rent or lease too. Any old car, scooter, computers, laptop, music system, furniture could be sold or bought easily. Members could promote their business in a big way. Local events or a grand matrimonial wedding could be blossomed and performed through us. Our designs are easy and our picture uploads crystal clear which makes a member’s advertisement conspicuous and fast promoting. TopAdsIndia.com allows you to get closer with like-minded people through Friendship and  has an Open Forum to express your ideas and views (ofcourse without hurting anyone). In a nutshell anything under the Sun and Moon could be sold, bought, hired, leased, searched etc. We welcome any suggestions brought to our notice in a constructive manner.